Unlock your potential.
UGrad+ is designed to make you a success. With a debt-free degree, incredible earning potential and guaranteed career progression, UGrad+ will unlock your potential.

Learn more.

Our wonderful training team will teach you everything there is to know about becoming a recruitment expert, and you will get a degree to prove it.

Earn more.

The average salary with us is £42k, and we expect UGrad+ graduates to be earning £75k+ by the time they finish the full course.

Achieve more.

Whether your goal is to get a degree, rise to the top in business, or earn great money, UGrad+ can get you there, debt-free and within five years.

The UGrad+ journey

Year 1: Introducing Recruitment - ATHE Level 2 Award

With a training-packed calendar, year one will give you invaluable experience across candidate generation, compliance and payroll – three areas crucial to becoming a successful recruiter.

Year 2: Recruitment Resourcing - REC Level 2 (CertRR)

In year two, you will have the opportunity to stay in sales support or continue your journey as a recruitment consultant. Both options include awesome perks, training and progression.

Year 3: Recruitment Practice - REC Level 3 (CertRP)

At this stage, you will be studying every aspect of recruitment while working with some of the UK’s biggest employers to find people their dream jobs.

Year 4: Recruitment Management - Level 4 (DipRM)

By now, you will have enough experience to explore the world of recruitment at degree-level, giving you the opportunity to move into a senior position.

Year 5: Recruitment Leadership - Level 5 (DipRL)

Year five will take your management experience to the next level. Studying in-depth business strategy, you will learn how to add value across all aspects of the company.

Linh Pook

UGrad+ Recruiter

UGrad+ is split into five years to give you enough time to become a true recruitment guru. Along the way, you will learn everything there is to know about this incredible industry, as well as gaining access to a huge range of career perks and rewards.

If you have any questions about UGrad+, contact me today!

The UGrad+ Life 

Feedback from our people

If you’re willing to get stuck in and work hard, you will become a success here. The chance to change your life is real here, and with the training and support you get, it’s achievable faster than you think.

Bailey Lankester

Graphic Designer

This is a wonderful place to work. The office is fun and filled with lovely people, the perks are amazing and I can honestly say that joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made. If you’re thinking of applying for UGrad+, just go for it.

Grace De Cleen

Compliance Officer

UGrad+ is a unique opportunity in our industry because it offers a first-class education coupled with fantastic pay – the best of both worlds! If you want to reach your potential, UGrad+ will get you there.

Dan Cocksedge

Head of Training

Trusted by some familiar faces

Got questions about UGrad+? Our FAQ’s can help…

What is the qualification I get at the end?

You will receive a qualification for every year you complete, but if you finish all five, you will achieve a foundation degree.

Is UGrad+ a real degree?

Yes. UGrad+ gives you a qualification that matches what you would get at university. The only difference is you earn while you learn, in a full-time position.

Is UGrad+ suitable for me?

UGrad+ is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a degree, debt-free, all while earning a salary. If you are leaving education or just want to achieve more in your career, UGrad+ is for you.

How long does UGrad+ take to complete?

Five years if you want to finish the full course and get a degree. However, if you would rather explore opportunities in different areas of the company (marketing, IT, finance, admin etc), you can do so after year one.

Why is it called UGrad+?

The course is called UGrad+ because it’s an undergraduate programme that offers more value than traditional degrees. The ‘+’ symbolises the nurture and development aspect of the course, with students benefiting from additional support, including life skills, mental health training and advanced social development.